6 day

Gaiduk Olga Ivanovna 413 a


  1. Bhanja Suraj Kumar

  2. Gauraga Ragul

  3. Giri Debasis Priyadarsan

  4. Kanung Magar Bishal

  5. Narnavare Aishwarya

  6. Nayak Sampad

  7. Nepak Abinash

  8. Sahu Romendra Kumar

  9. Sahu Sangram Caesar

  10. Sahu Saurabh

  11. Sahu Subham Pritam

  12. Senapati Ritesh

Kramarchuk Vladimir Viktorovich 413 b


  1. Anand Sakshi

  2. Baliarsingh Bijayalaksmi

  3. Verma Ayusha

  4. Gracia Jones Lin Prasanth

  5. Gupta Aditi

  6. Gupta Sanket

  7. Ghai Rashik

  8. Madaan Karan

  9. Muherjee Purvi

  10. Natesan Chandran Kavia

  11. Singh Hemant

  12. Tivari Piyush Kumar

  13. Thanoch Rohan

Topic: Algorithms for performing practical skills on outpatient clinic equipment. Advice and features of patient examination in the practice of a general practitioner - family doctor

Self-learning materials

  1. The WORLD book of family medicine. - European ed. - Ljubljana: Stichting WONCA Europe, 2015. — 314 p. Available online at http://www.woncaeurope.org/sites/default/files/world book 2015.pdf

  2. Family medicine: in 3 books. — Book 2. Symptoms and syndromes in clinical course of internal diseases / O.M. Hyrina, L.M. Pasiyeshvili, O.M. Barna et al.; edited by O.M. Hyrina, L.M. Pasiyeshvili. — Kyiv: Medicine, 2018. — 376 p.

  3. Otoscopy (Ear Examination) - ENT

  4. Fundoscopy (Ophthalmoscopy) - OSCE Guide

  5. Approach to Fundoscopy / Ophthalmoscopy


Write a summary of the algorithms for performing practical skills:

  1. Breast exam

  2. ECG registration and decoding

  3. Otoscopy

  4. Ophthalmoscopy

  5. Blood pressure measurement

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(completed tasks must be sending to the e-address no later than one day after the date specified for the topic in the calendar plan)

In the subject of the letter, student indicates the faculty, number of group / subgroup / dozen and topic number, name of student in this format:


AAAA - Faculty in Latin letters (I_med, II_med, I_int, II_int)

BBBB - Group / Subgroup / Tenth No.

SSSS - Topic Number

DDDD - Name of student

To receive teacher’s advice in distance mode, the student sends a letter with the obligatory mark “QUESTION” in the subject of the letter.